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Let’s celebrate…

by johndsykes86

Let’s celebrate now, while there’s flesh on our bones…

Bjork – I See Who You Are

Dearly Beloved – Yoko Shimomura

by johndsykes86

If you ever played Kingdom Hearts, any of them really, you’ve probably heard some variation of this song. You have stopped what you were doing even if you were about to start up your game or was grilling a steak* to hear this song. Square Enix has been known to have wonderful composers create wonderful themes for its RPG’s over the years.Go listen to thisthis and this, and oh this if you don’t believe me.  It honestly shouldn’t be a surprise for those that know me that this song is one of my favorites. One of the few soundtracks that stick with you completely, not just for the nostalgia factor of “Part of Your Word” or the “Mickey Mouse Club Theme”, but songs like the one I chose. Enjoy and I’ll have another one posted tomorrow.

*as an aside, I once burned a steak and a pan because I kept listening to this song.  These are things that are like to happen if you’re around me for too long. Also, my heart breaks when Roxas is just a Nobody. Literally. And no its not spoilers if you haven’t played the game by now. 

Nickel Creek – Green and Gray

by johndsykes86

Night after night what I hear, what I write fills the room and my head starts to sway. It might be for her, but for now it’s between green and gray

SoTD: 20th Century Towers – Death Cab for Cutie.

by johndsykes86

Just feels appropriate for my mood.  Sod off, i’m not depressed 🙂

we’ll correct collegiate mistakes
a shower of formal ideals
completely soused
the hearts on our sleeves,
as they drowned we could hear them screaming
“oh, what a tragic way to see our final days.” 

I attempt to talk up the town:
“the answers are in the arches of the 20th century towers
and in comfortable cars in motion.”
and yet it still remains, this incessent refrain:
“you’re just like the rest. your restlessness makes you lazy.” 

keeping busy is just wasting time
and i’ve wasted what little he gave me
(all around)
i know the conscious choice was crystal clear,
to clean the slate of former years
when i sang softly in your ear and tied these arms around you.

SoTD: Time’s Scar – Video Game Orchestra

by johndsykes86

From the video game, Chrono Cross. Totally awesome..

SotD: Please Turn – Little Dragon

by johndsykes86

My favorite track from their latest album, Ritual Union, that came out last year.
See also: her work with Koop

SotD: Find Me The Pulse of The Universe – Laetitia Sadier

by johndsykes86

Good for a cold (relatively), sunny December in the greatest state in the Union.

Might also need this for the end of the world tomorrow.

Not really.

You were equipped, you were unique
Were suffused in mathematics
Hey Sue, the mathematician
Your views are unimpeded
Hey Sue, the trigonometric
Forever unlocking your head.

Fill it up to the brim, fill it to the top
Generous, bountiful, prodigal, abundant
Channelling deep connections
From one world to the next
Beautiful like art, another human landmark.

Curiousity, intuition are good guides
The idea that in the search for nature’s secrets,
The discovery,
Envelops more conundrum in the belly of her flow
Glimpses of a world of pure thought
That few will ever know

SotD: So Many Details – Toro Y Moi

by johndsykes86

Found out about this guy last year…and this song is amazing.
About 20 listens in and its still sexy and smooth.

Just like me, hahahaaaaaaaa

But seriously, listen.

Monuments and Melodies

by johndsykes86

SotD: Pinwheels – Smashing Pumpkins

by johndsykes86

Life-giving for Friday.