SotD: Find Me The Pulse of The Universe – Laetitia Sadier

by johndsykes86

Good for a cold (relatively), sunny December in the greatest state in the Union.

Might also need this for the end of the world tomorrow.

Not really.

You were equipped, you were unique
Were suffused in mathematics
Hey Sue, the mathematician
Your views are unimpeded
Hey Sue, the trigonometric
Forever unlocking your head.

Fill it up to the brim, fill it to the top
Generous, bountiful, prodigal, abundant
Channelling deep connections
From one world to the next
Beautiful like art, another human landmark.

Curiousity, intuition are good guides
The idea that in the search for nature’s secrets,
The discovery,
Envelops more conundrum in the belly of her flow
Glimpses of a world of pure thought
That few will ever know