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Month: July, 2013

Let’s celebrate…

by johndsykes86

Let’s celebrate now, while there’s flesh on our bones…

Bjork – I See Who You Are


10 Songs, 10 Days: The Pioneers – Bloc Party

by johndsykes86

“We promised the world we’d tame it, what were we hoping” 

If a line could be a mantra for my life, that would probably be it. Wanting to be a world-beater and being beat down by reality but still wanting to aspire to something despite of all the reasons why it wont or cant happen. Music in general is my religion, but Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm is just one of those albums that I find the need to revisit, like Mecca. From the opening riffs to the repeated lines “We will not be the last”, just a song that’ll be imprinted on my heart for a long while.

8 Signs You Are Becoming Boring

by Thought Catalog

Err…I dont consider myself boring, but a couple of things apply to me. Doomed.

Thought Catalog

Disclaimer: I write this list in full recognition of the fact that I am a freshly-minted Boring Person myself. This is a space of no judgment, only facts.

1. You see students out having fun and are exasperated.

It starts with the high school kids. You see them out at the mall, scowling at things, drinking their energy drinks and just generally being assholes in front of the Pacsun or the Hot Topic. You think, “God, what irritating little warts. Good thing I was never 15,” and then carry on your boring way to go get a loofah at Bed Bath and Beyond or whatever you are there to do. Then you see college kids, getting rowdy in a bar, potentially using terrible fake IDs but still getting away with it because the bartender is cool and they want the money. Despite the fact that you, too, used a fake…

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