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Dearly Beloved – Yoko Shimomura

by johndsykes86

If you ever played Kingdom Hearts, any of them really, you’ve probably heard some variation of this song. You have stopped what you were doing even if you were about to start up your game or was grilling a steak* to hear this song. Square Enix has been known to have wonderful composers create wonderful themes for its RPG’s over the years.Go listen to thisthis and this, and oh this if you don’t believe me.  It honestly shouldn’t be a surprise for those that know me that this song is one of my favorites. One of the few soundtracks that stick with you completely, not just for the nostalgia factor of “Part of Your Word” or the “Mickey Mouse Club Theme”, but songs like the one I chose. Enjoy and I’ll have another one posted tomorrow.

*as an aside, I once burned a steak and a pan because I kept listening to this song.  These are things that are like to happen if you’re around me for too long. Also, my heart breaks when Roxas is just a Nobody. Literally. And no its not spoilers if you haven’t played the game by now. 


I’ve neglected you, Artistic Anarchy.

by johndsykes86

And I’m sorry. I’ve been sorta busy in my own (humorous) madness as of late and haven’t been putting words down to binary like I should have. A lot of minor things I wont worry your head about and perhaps a lot of changes coming. But you know me the best and you know being calm in chaos and calamity is my speciality. 

Everyday, I find myself wanting to slow down time and do the things I want and actually enjoy it. I’m deadly afraid of being caught up in 2, 3, 5, 10 years of…this. Work in, work out. and rushed weekends. 

Trips to Europe, Japan. Maybe South America… Getting lost in alleys, sleeping in uncomfortable airport seats. I think I want to do this for a while before plotting my next move. No idea how I’m going to pay for it, but I really do need to see the world out of outside of the US. 


So yea, there’s me in a capsule. I got a couple of things planned for you, AA. Love you lots.

Always yours,