Nepal: Shop Ladies

by johndsykes86

Love, laugh, be light

I love the people of Nepal because their happiness is authentic, effortless, and humble – a true statement of how living simply can provide you with an abundantly satisfying life. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to adopt this way of living? Here are two of my favorite portraits I took so far and a quick snippet I wrote about each woman.

Fabric Woman, Nepal

around you, above
you, below
Antique charm,
ageless grace,
your breath illuminates me.
You are happiness:
the simple kind,
the kind that blooms
out of
patterned fabrics,
sewing machines,
pin-needles, and
colored thread.
Toothless smile,
wrinkled eyes –
the stars bathe in you.
Can I wrap your
in this cloth, can I
your spirit into my
I come,
and you smile. I leave,
and you smile.

Store Woman sitting on coke bottles

Crated coke bottles,
piled potatoes,
a gust of wind passes by.
You are love,
soft and effortless.

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