5 mins of me III

by johndsykes86

I can already tell im going to have a hard time this goaround. A lot of ideas in my head and even trying to record thoughts nowadays just ends up one big mass of aural confusion. I should really stop trying to force the issue and just write whatever. But I always feel like I need to make some point or purpose when I write. Like im writing for an audience that has no idea what they want and nor do I. It’s not as if I’m writing for attention or anything, so why does it matter.

I think i may be the laziest perfectionist to ever exist. Trying to say something just right and end up saying (or writing) nothing at all. 

Accursed fingers and brain. Why cant you things (what do you mean you things?) just work right, damnit. 

And yes, I realize the irony of being able to write this without any prep. You try it sometime.. 


Shit, I have 36 seconds left. *smh*