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Month: March, 2013

Song of the Day: Tame Impala – Keep On Lying

by johndsykes86

I’ve been way too much into shoegazer rock and this isnt all. 


5 mins of me II

by johndsykes86

Are we really that predisposed to not care about things? I’m really burnt out on the “Gives no fucks” ‘thing’ that seems to be going around. Isn’t that the problem?

We have all these things that are out of wack in the world. Females still not being treated as equals, proverty, injustice…holy shit I could go on and on and on and the only answer I seem to get is “Let it be?”

Yea, fuck. that. shit. 

I can totally understand the the aversion to kneejerk reactions to things that dont matter. Like faux rage over a celebrity or something. I dont have time to think of a better example.

Tl;Dr? Start giving a fuck or the world’s gonna fuck you. 
I’m so burnt tired of that s

MS Paint Holidays: St. Patrick’s Day.

by johndsykes86

Cosmic Perspective.

by johndsykes86

The scary realization that yes, you will die. Your friends will die. Your parents will die. In 100 years, no one you know right now will be around. Your existence is lived out in on a big frigging rock that somehow keeps the right tilt and rotation to keep an atmosphere and gravity to keep you on your feet. None of this should work, something should and probably will go wrong in the future. Yet, here I am….worrying about x thing, stressing about y problem.


Mmaybe I should look up skyward sometime and remind myself of how… wondrous being alive is.

SotD: Pride – Manchester Orchestra

by johndsykes86

It’s just me and the king and the beast.

I absolutely adore this album and that particular line feels right.

Trash Talk in Des Moines (Iowa, Not Idaho) Re: Menace Soccer, NASL, USL-1

by johndsykes86

Soccer....Family Style

2012-07-14_19-49-02_712Last Wednesday, Andrew McGreen posted a link titled “Donovan Talks, U-20s, and Brek Shea” and 57:07 on the American Outlaws: Des Moines facebook group. I have much time for soccer podcasts, but I do like the Best Soccer Show, and I had three minutes, so….

The clip from 57:07 starts out with someone who’s written in to ask why hasn’t Des Moines been considered for NASL or USL-1 expansion? My heart just about burst. Eleven years ago, I worked for the Stadium Foundation as the Event Coordinator. We were working to build what, at the time, would have been the 4th soccer-specific stadium in the US, which would have allowed Menace Soccer to move from the PDL to what was then the A-League, and is now USL-Pro. It was a great plan, that would have given Des Moines the soccer street cred it deserved. At the time, we were…

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