On going off the deep end…

by johndsykes86

Through the last couple of years, I’ve plotted my life through a really http://wp.me/p1AGDp-41 simple question.

Does it make you happy?
If yes, do it.
If no, dump it.
It’s the reason above all else why I’m here in Long Beach, long after any sort of link to the city I grew up in has passed.

It’s the reason why I finally (after much internal debate) abandoned my Twitter account. I guess I’m keeping my new years resolution this year after all.

But I guess above all, I want to be more personally involved in my friendships. There’s no humanly possible way that I can friends with 500 plus people. I’m ignoring people right in front of me, opportunities for great things right under my nose.

So I’m reprioritizing my social focus and that means being away from things for a bit. I’m definitely glad I did for nothing else but being able to free up headspace and not feel like I have to say something just because I have a platform to say it.

I’m happy with where I’m at now, but always find ways to improve and probably more importantly wanting to improve.

Who knows, maybe next week ill quit my job and go chase Shannon Boxx around Chicago.

Not likely.

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