Late Nights…

by johndsykes86

I tend to enjoy the later hours here in Long Beach. It’s sort of weird to see and hear a city at 2am. I tend to just sit up in bed and just listen. Sometimes, a skateboarder will disturb the quiet with their wheels tchunk-tchunk-tchunk on the sidewalls or a random group of partiers practicing some rare dialect of explictive stream-of-concious communication that only the drunk understand. Most nights that I find myself blessed (or cursed, depending on the weekday) to just hear the quiet and be lost in my own thoughts. I enjoy nothing more than to just revel in the silent and just think. I realize that’s odd and maybe perhaps a bit anti-social…but there’s something to be said for being able to just meditate and allowing all the doubts, fears, loves, lusts to be sated. I don’t feel like I take enough time to do that anymore, especially moving back to LA. Enjoying the silence. Yea, that seems about right.