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Month: January, 2013

Nickel Creek – Green and Gray

by johndsykes86

Night after night what I hear, what I write fills the room and my head starts to sway. It might be for her, but for now it’s between green and gray

The beginning of an end of an era.

by johndsykes86

I’ve neglected you again, despite having a lot of my mind from a writing standpoint. For that, I apologize without you even asking. 

There’s a lot going on with me right now. Every day feels like a weird place where I’m not exactly sure where I’m at. Everything that was constant less than 2 weeks ago turned to timey wimey blobs of uncertainity. My apartment fell through, which is leaving me in a state of delayed panic. People keep popping in and out of the shadows at the most inopportune times and despite the mess that the beginning of the year has been for me, everything’s ok.

I’m in a better state than I’ve been in a long time. Not just physically (almost down to 280, bitches) but more importantly, mentally. I’m not completely happy, but i’m on the positive side of content for the first time in… possibly forever. 

So lets celebrate now. The beginning of the end of an era…and the beginning of the beginning of something completely new. 



Late Nights…

by johndsykes86

I tend to enjoy the later hours here in Long Beach. It’s sort of weird to see and hear a city at 2am. I tend to just sit up in bed and just listen. Sometimes, a skateboarder will disturb the quiet with their wheels tchunk-tchunk-tchunk on the sidewalls or a random group of partiers practicing some rare dialect of explictive stream-of-concious communication that only the drunk understand. Most nights that I find myself blessed (or cursed, depending on the weekday) to just hear the quiet and be lost in my own thoughts. I enjoy nothing more than to just revel in the silent and just think. I realize that’s odd and maybe perhaps a bit anti-social…but there’s something to be said for being able to just meditate and allowing all the doubts, fears, loves, lusts to be sated. I don’t feel like I take enough time to do that anymore, especially moving back to LA. Enjoying the silence. Yea, that seems about right.

But, in faith,…

by johndsykes86

But, in faith,
Kate, the elder I wax, the better I shall appear:
my comfort is, that old age, that ill layer up of
beauty, can do no more, spoil upon my face: thou
hast me, if thou hast me, at the worst; and thou
shalt wear me, if thou wear me, better and better:

Henry V, Act 5, Scene 2

Appropriate to mood..

by johndsykes86


“I’m not gonna …

by johndsykes86

“I’m not gonna sit around and waste my precious divine energy trying to explain and be ashamed of things you think are wrong with me.”

– Esperanza Spalding


by johndsykes86


On figuring out what you want…

by johndsykes86

I should figure that out. Because my job is boring as hell and I’m getting too old for this shit.

Happy New Year

by johndsykes86

Be well
Do good things
Dont go crazy