Peace, I Miss You…

by johndsykes86

Syria in Ruins (NSFW)


It’s a shame that Syria has been pushed to the back pages of coverage in US media. Seeing photo 29 broke my heart instantly. When all the news you get is from radio waves, you dont realize you’re missing the visual aspect. Your mind’s eye is sorta turned off.

Well, these pictures bring it home with heart-retching clarity.

But there’s one photo in the set that just struck me just as hard for a different reason


Somehow, in all the violence...there's hope.

Maybe there’s hope? Maybe they’re a reprieve from the wreck we as humans put ourselves in.

It’s hard to be hopeful when everything around you demands cynicism. For all my positive posturing  there are a lot of days where I personally would rather it all blow up and take us all out of our misery. But if some unknown soul in a war-torn nation can step up to the wall and do this…what do I have to be so cynical about?